Dr. Emad in Brief






A traveler in the paths of life ... An explorer in the worlds of science … An addict and pursuer of knowledge, bowing in respect to enlighteners with well-informed minds and abundant knowledge ... I believe that human life, long or short, is a sacred message ...

Writing is my inner voice that rendered me a lover of words ... My writings reveal my rebellious nature that does not spoil my inner tranquility nor reverberate screams despite my silence, but always overflow with hope and aspiration that relief is undoubtedly coming and that the most beautiful thing in your day is that it is yours! ... Accompanying pure and loyal people with bright minds grants me confidence, reassurance and nostalgia for the good old days ... I can find in their company the spirit of intimacy and pleasure, and their advice is my candle and guide to the right destination.


          My name is my identity, my message and my compass … The four letters (Emad) make me always (engaged by) contributing to building my society and nation, (maintaining communication) with companions of life, (aware of) myself while developing my abilities, and finally (diligent) in my work and accurate in achieving my goals … I invest in good deeds in all-out effort as the best investment for life and afterlife.

I set off my journey in the groves of innocence, and traveled picking up experiences… I acquired purity from innocence, and sustained success through troubling and soothing endeavors… I realized that excellence can be derived from endurance and life-learned lessons, and found in every plight a bestowal from the sky… I am grateful to Allah for everything I have learned through innocence and experience, and I always ask Allah to usher me to the paths of goodness and empowerment, and to enable me to motivate life companions towards development and cultivation, for this is the message that Allah assigned us to fulfill.

I was born in Africa in 1968 and lived there for years in serenity … I traveled far and wide in pursute of knowledge and work … I survived Europe's frigid winter, Asia's sweltering summers and America's tumultuous weather, and learned the most useful things in every continent … I grasped from (Africa) the values of hard work, endurance and patience in a pretty dress … (Europe) enriched me with its origins, history, multi-races and challenges; and expatriation in Europe emphasized resources and enablers in me, where I learned that expatriation yields many benefits… In (Asia), I worked tirelessly and sought constantly to accomplish myself in the face of challenges… In (America), I realized that man holds a continent within and not just a point on a map… For this, I owe the whole human experience; it did me a good turn and provided me with factors for success I have never dreamed of.


          Through my journey to excellence, I was most interested in leadership, talents empowerment and building and developing Institutional capabilities, and by the grace of Allah I trained (9388) trainees in the Arab world who sought knowledge and self-development in different areas of corporate excellence… Life granted me a great opportunity as my name has been associated with motivation, empowerment and volunteer work in support of others in their quest for excellence and leadership… I contributed to capacity-building in several Arab public Institutions and placed with experts perfect building blocks, thought to be milestones in the history of these bodies, thanks to Allah.


          Finally, I was, am and will always remain, Insha'Allah, seeking tirelessly to cultivate the seeds of excellence and spreading its culture among the minds of the nation that takes the noble Prophet Muhammad (PHUB) as its role model, who featured excellent figures and presented leaders who outlined a history of leadership and realized exceptional levels of sustainable excellence, standing out like beacons in history and admirable models in human life.