Thankfully, I have promising seeds through which I bet on the future, for they are the future's leaders, pillars and a history that has not been written yet. Allah blessed us with (Khaled), (Nada) and (Abdul Rahman); each is an investment of a special type. The first investment (Khaled) seeks to join the field of aviation and engineering. The second investment (Nada) strives to hold a purposeful message and evergreen responsibility to contribute her knowledge of medicine, teaching or other subjects of interest to her society. The third investment (Abdul Rahman) has been given much care and attention by his mother until he has become a winning investment waiting for a promising future. They are all my friends, the apple of my eye and my pillars of support. They are simply the Board Members of the Emadian family, who enjoy the right to vote in all family meetings, and are committed to the family's charter.



Allah blessed me with (Khaled Emad Eddien Hussein) in 1999. He seeks to be a professional pilot or engineer. When I look at his picture, I travel through time to the past—how my son is a chipoff the old block and how today is strickingly similar to yesterday! We both cherish a very special relationship built on affection, respect and appreciation. We are loyal friends in the path of life. Khaled is endowed with silence, but he thinks a lot about his life and future. He is disciplined, punctual and accomplished. He sees himself as a person thirsty for knowledge, supportive of others, consummate,leading, ambitious and passionate about design. That is why his name is (Khaled):



(Knowledgeable - Helpful - Achiever - Leader - Enthusiastic - Designer)






 My friend(Nada Emad Eddien Hussein) was born in 2001. She has the traits of intelligence and belonging. We discus together all life affairs. Nada looks forward to being a bearer of a useful message in her society sinceshe has an inclination towards charity and helping others, and is proud of her personality. She holds within heaps of silent and spoken words. She believes in being endeared to the hearts,ambitious and distinguished. That is why her name is (Nada):




(Nice  -  Active  -  Delighted - Amazing)


Abdul Rahman

My little friend(Abdul Rahman Emad Eddien Hussein) is of a special type. He is dear to the heart and you only have to listen to his conquests and readings into the minds of those around him. He has unique intelligence, thought and vision, and inspirits any gathering he attends for he always has the certain news! Abdul Rahman was born in 2002. He is my wise friend; when I miss the initial songs of wisdom I rush to call him for he certainly has solutions for all the challenges of life! His mother presented a role model of support and care for Abdul Rahman to go on his journey in safety and security, thanks and appreciation for her.



(Agreeable - Rational - Assured - Hilarious - Meek - Ambitious - Nimble)