Journey to Excellence – J2E



» Objective


The program aims to introduce participants to the concepts and criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model, and how to use this model in different public and private institutions and organizational units regardless of their scope of work in order to outline strengths and opportunities for improvement—thus realizing sustainable excellence in performance and achievements to reach for exquisite levels within the organizational system of the concerned entity.

» Pivots

1.     Defining corporate excellence in terms of concepts, components and methodologies to reach sustainable excellence (practical application by the participants), and reviewing some outstanding models using benchmarking.

2.     Learning about the eight fundamental concepts of corporate excellence.

3.     Recognizing the nine criteria of excellence and how to apply them in terms of (enablers) and (results) to realize sustainable excellence.

4.     How to apply the measurement framework to highlight current gaps and opportunities for improvement, with a view to realize the targeted position, and implement the improvement plans related to corporate excellence (RADAR Logic).

5.     How to use the "Excellence Model" to derive positive improvements for those who are involved in different entities.

» Mechanism


The program is accomplished through a unique, participatory and interactive training workshop, with a number of participants not exceeding (15-20 participants spread over 3-4 roundtables) to ensure that the added value is realized, and enable participants to fully understand the concepts and criteria, thus qualifying participants of different grades and duties to apply the EFQM Model within their public or private organizations. 

◊ The following training tools and aids will be utilized:-

A- Practical excersises :

1.     Exercise on expressing the concept of excellence.

2.     Exercise on the concept of adding value for customers.

3.     Exercise on the steps of building organizational capabilities and providing services (Organizational Development Approach).

4.     Exercise on meeting success criteria through the talents/capabilities of the people.

B- Training films :

1.     Leadership film for 15 minutes.

2.     Strategy & Policies film for 13 minutes.

3.     Peoplefilm for 14 minutes.

4.     Partnerships & Resourcesfilm for 13 minutes.

5.     Processes & Servicesfilm for 13 minutes.


» Outputs

1.     Ensuring that the satisfaction of participants with the program is not less than 95% in terms of benefits and the ability to practically apply what they have learned in their work areas, noting that the theoretical presentation during the program does not exceed 40% of the total training hours.

2.     Detailed feedback reflecting the level of acquired knowledge through performing pre- and post-testing.

3.     Accredited certificate by EFQM in Brussels for each participant who attends the course (J2E attendance certificate).

» Duration

3 training days from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., or from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.